Letter From The Founders

Our Story

Before my husband Eric and I started No Stone Unturned Foundation, we were just parents who loved a kid with substantial special needs. Our little boy, Stone, had delayed language, threw up 18 times a day, didn’t sleep, had difficulty eating, and failed to thrive. We visited 41 doctors. Each doctor found a new issue, but no answers.

Even though we were doing our best, without a diagnosis, insurance would not pay for therapies. We were exhausted emotionally and financially.

When we finally got confirmation that Stone’s symptoms were caused by Cardiofaciocutaneous (CFC) Syndrome, it was validation of everything we had been through as a family. There are fewer than 500 people in the world diagnosed with CFC Syndrome, which is a rare genetic disorder. The diagnosis allowed us to finally put a plan in place to help Stone make the most of his capabilities. 

Our thoughts turned to other families. We had resources and yet our journey was still full of suffering. We decided to do something for others experiencing similar anguishing needs. We started the No Stone Unturned Foundation to support families and children with special needs by connecting them with services and resources to help them navigate a world that is often blind to their hardships. We wanted to streamline and make the process easier by utilizing
a team-based approach to therapies and offering it all under one roof.

The growth was astonishing. It demonstrated that there are many families struggling under the weight of questions, lack of resources, and lack of coordinated therapies. We want to do everything we can to help these kids and their families find hope.

That’s the foundation No Stone Unturned was build on and the goal we continue to reach toward every day.

Join us as we hold hope close and turn challenges into possibilities.

From our family to yours,

Melinda Wolford